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IT Freak: The site with all sorts of Tips and Tricks, nice software and hardware for working with a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Notebook or Desktop computer, as well as information about Domotica (controlling all kinds of gadgets in your home) and information about streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, Dplay by Discovery, Videoland etc...). And all this on Microsoft Windows and/or Google Android, so this is a real IT Freak website!

Below are, as an example, the last 5 tips, software and games of the so far 53:

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Home automation

Home automation

We have added a new Tips and Tricks category to our website: Tips and tricks home automation.

Home automation is the application of electronics and home networks for the automation of processes in and around a home, an office or a small business. The word 'home automation' is a contraction of domus and the suffix -tica that seems to refer to 'applied science' (Wikipedia).

In other words: Hardware and Software (Windows 10 and Android) with which you can control all kinds of processes around your house, in the business, at your car and all kinds of other places.
Think of your lights, your smart media controllers that are voice controlled (e.g. a Google Litter mini), your vacuum cleaner, the thermostat, your sunshade etc. etc. etc.

Your standard Google Assistant also plays a role in this.

Hey Google, turn on the lights in the living room!

De Kunstkeuken (the Art Kitchen)

De Kunstkeuken (the Art Kitchen)

Because of the crisis caused by the corona virus, I would like to make an appeal to take a look at the site of the art gallery 'De Kunstkeuken (the Art Kitchen)' in Valkenswaard.

This is a gallery full of modern art and a more than excellent restaurant (also in this year's tasty 500) which, like other restaurants, have a heavy turnover loss in this time.

They currently have more than 20 works of art You can also buy vouchers for their restaurant. Look at their website.

So take a look at this together and buy some very nice modern art.
And after the crisis, they will be ready to make the gastronomic and visual experience ready for you again!

They're on:

De Kunstkeuken (the Art Kitchen)
Market 23
5554 CA Valkenswaard

040 2016814
06 30478167


The new version of the IT Freak webSite

The new version of the IT Freak webSite

Welcome! Welcome!

This is the renewed version of the website https://www.IT-Freak.nlHe can also be reached at https://www.ITfreak.nl, https://www.ITFreaks.nl, https://www.IT-Freak.biz and https://www.IT-Freak.tech.

All new things for Computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones on Google Android and Microsoft Windows!

Also the home automation part (everything that can be controlled from your phone: lights, bell, vacuum cleaner etc.) will get a lot of attention here.

Passwords, passwords and pin codes

Passwords and PIN codes.

Are you sometimes staring in front of you for minutes to come up with a good strong password that you can also remember? Does this sometimes not work at all?

Frustrating... But we're doing something about it! The Password generator!

Look up this page for the automatic determination of very strong to less strong passwords. From well rememberable passwords to almost unforgettable, long, passwords. With whole words in it or h33l g3kke v3rv@ng1ng3n. Or a password from a number of random characters. But also from short to long pin codes. The choice is up to you.

With the strength determination of the password according to the industry standard drop box method, from 0 (very insecure) to 4 (secure).

And don't you like the codes you see here? With one push of a button a whole new set of strong codes!