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De Kunstkeuken (the Art Kitchen)



The new version of the IT Freak webSite

Welcome! This is the renewed version of the website It can also be reached on,, and All new things for Computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones on Google Android and Microsoft Windows! Also the home automation part...

Passwords, passwords and pin codes

Passwords and PIN codes.

Also so’n trouble making up a good password or pincode? Are you sometimes staring in front of you for minutes to come up with a good strong password that you can also remember? Does this sometimes not work at all? Frustrating… But....

Choose Password Managers

After determining strong passwords and less strong pin codes we also have a page on how to remember these passwords. On this page you will find some password managers with the link to their site....


Now also on IT Freak – Games!

Almost all of us like gaming on our devices, whether it's a game on a Google Android or Microsoft Windows device. That's why we'll discuss these games here, known or unknown, with the additional option of...

Tips and tricks

For those of us who want to know everything, myself here, we have an extra menu item: Tips and tricks! Interested in all kinds of settings that are hard to find? Interested in new or...


As a new part the Polls have been added. Look on the right side for a random poll. The polls are about all kinds of subjects and are from serious, through funny to completely insane. Join in and then watch other people talk about this...

Compare 0


New on the IT Freak site: Compare And not one but 3 in total! With the menu item Compareers you can compare the different Sim-only subscriptions, phone subscriptions and internet subscriptions....

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