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OK Google! How does the android voice control work?

Say ‘OK Google’ and be surprised! Wouldn't it be great to control your Google Android phone with your voice instead of your thumbs on a keyboard? Google thought the same thing and has for your smartphone or...

Microsoft Office 365

Software: Microsoft Office 365 (Windows, Android, Apple)

Software: Microsoft Office 365 The Office 365 software comes from Microsoft and has almost all popular office packages on board by default. Who doesn't know Microsoft Word or Excel? Except for the PC and Mac this software is available....

Nexus: How do you take a screenshot?

Nexus Screenshot. Screenshots can be very important if you want to share your screen with other people or if you want to save information that is only on your screen. But how do you make a screenshot like this’n screenshot? Unfortunately, this way is quite...

Onedrive Cloud

Software: Microsoft Onedrive cloud solution

OneDrive cloud OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service (Think Dropbox or Google Drive.) And over the years it has become really good, in fact so good, that some of the Android manufacturers provide it as a standard next to the...

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