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OK Google! How does the android voice control work?

Say ‘OK Google’ and be surprised! Wouldn't it be great to control your Google Android phone with your voice instead of your thumbs on a keyboard? Google thought the same thing and has for your smartphone or...


Tips and tricks for Google’s Gmail

If you are using Gmail on your Android smartphone or tablet, or if you want to know more about how to use this mail client or what else you can do with it, use these tips below, which come straight from Google...

Ping and DNS

Software: Ping and DNS (Android)

Ping and DNS Dit ‘Ping and DNS’ program is from Ulf Dittmer. It is a fairly technical program, but it meets a lot of requirements that a network administrator or an enthusiastic Google Android user may have...

Chromecast – Shocking image? Here's a solution.

Chromecast – Shaky image? See here a solution. Chromecast is a fantastic device from Google to use your TV or monitor as a display of the media of your Android device. You can for example play Netflix on it, HBO....

Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2

Screenshot Samsung tab pro tablet

Screenshot Samsung tab pro tablet We already know for the Nexus devices (see previous Tips and Tricks), but how to take a screenshot with the Samsung Tab Pro tablets? Well, it goes in about the same way as with the...

Microsoft Office 365

Software: Microsoft Office 365 (Windows, Android, Apple)

Software: Microsoft Office 365 The Office 365 software comes from Microsoft and has almost all popular office packages on board by default. Who doesn't know Microsoft Word or Excel? Except for the PC and Mac this software is available....

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