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Windows 10 tips

Another 4 Windows 10 tips

Here are 4 more tips for Windows 10. About the Action Center, setting the Lock screen, setting your login options and printing to pdf from Win10. Action Center In Windows 10, the Action Center has been added. We've already added it in Android and Apple...

Windows 10 File Manager - location of files

Windows 10: Location of the files

Placing the files In Windows 10, all your files and documents are placed on the C: disk by default during your installation. If your laptop or PC is equipped with 2 disks (e.g. C: and D:) it might be useful...

Windows key

Win10: Windows key overview

Win10: Windows key overview In Windows 10, the Windows key () has been given a much larger role than in previous Windows versions. This button, with the windows logo, is located to the left between the Ctrl and Alt keys on most modern keyboards....

Windows 10 start menu

Windows 10: Start menu, narrow or wide?

Windows 10: Start menu, narrow or wide With Windows 10 desktop you have 2 modes; the desktop mode and the tablet mode. These modes are of course meant for if you have a desktop or if you have a tablet. They switch....

Microsoft Office 365

Software: Microsoft Office 365 (Windows, Android, Apple)

Software: Microsoft Office 365 The Office 365 software comes from Microsoft and has almost all popular office packages on board by default. Who doesn't know Microsoft Word or Excel? Except for the PC and Mac this software is available....

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