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INNR Smart plug

INNR – Smart Plug

For home automation we look again at the following product: The Smart Plug (SP 120). This time not from Philips / Signify, but from INNR. INNR is a Dutch company that also produces lighting on Zigbee, and just a bit cheaper...

Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini

After I left a previous assignment because the assignment was finished there, I got as a farewell gift a Google home mini. I already had home automation devices (vacuum cleaner, tone thermostat etc), but with this I really started the home automation....

Hue Starterkit

Philips Hue lamps (zigbee and bluetooth)

When I start with the tips on home automation, I start of course with the lights of Philips Hue. Or actually with the zigbee Philips lamps from Signify. Because nowadays the lamps division of Philips is completely independent and has...

Tips and tricks

For those of us who want to know everything, myself here, we have an extra menu item: Tips and tricks! Interested in all kinds of settings that are hard to find? Interested in new or...


Tips and tricks for Google’s Gmail

If you are using Gmail on your Android smartphone or tablet, or if you want to know more about how to use this mail client or what else you can do with it, use these tips below, which come straight from Google...

Windows 10 tips

Another 4 Windows 10 tips

Here are 4 more tips for Windows 10. About the Action Center, setting the Lock screen, setting your login options and printing to pdf from Win10. Action Center In Windows 10, the Action Center has been added. We've already added it in Android and Apple...

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