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Games and Software on Android, Windows and the Xbox are played by us, discussed here and shown on video.

Games we all love to play, and on this site now also the reviews of various games and watch other people play them.
Games that are difficult, but also games that make our football club win. Addictive! Games rule!

We also discussed the software of this site. Windows and Android software. For mobile, tablet and desktop computer. 

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The 3 most recent games or software

eM mail client

eM Client, an alternative mail program for Windows.

eM Client If you don't like the current mail client that comes with Windows 10, we have an alternative solution for you here.
The software eM Client. This is software which is very similar to the Outlook mail client which is attached to the Microsoft Exchange server.
And, for non-commercial use, it's free too! We use this client ourselves and are very satisfied with it. Even so satisfied that we as a company bought this software for commercial use ...
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RailCoaster Tycoon
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Atari RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic The game I'm currently playing on my Android tablet is actually a very old Windows game: Atari RollerCoaster Tycoon classic. I used to play this on the PC many times and when I was the Google Android version on the Google Play Store (for € 6.99) I immediately installed it. I was immediately addicted to this game again! The operation is very simple and the game does not get boring. But all the things that used to ...
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Rocket League
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PC – Rocket League, 2 video’s

Rocket League, 2 videos. MathijsW did his best again and this time he even made 2 videos with Rocket League. Both videos he made with a special purpose in mind. The first one is the 'Rocket League teamwork goal' video he made specially for 'Top 10 goals of the week' of TommyT999 and for 'Prestige ClipsThe other one is the other one.Rocket League epic save! (2)' video and is for 'the top 10 saves of the ...
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