Pin and Password generator

Pin and Password generator

The Password Generator of the IT Freak website

Password Generator

Below you will find, the with help of a password generator determined, not 1 but 10 different passwords (passwords) and pincodes, all composed according to a different method.

Each password here gets its own score. The score goes according to the algorithm used on the ‘Dropbox‘ site. This method of that site is known to be extremely reliable. This site also takes into account frequently used words and replacing letters with characters (a by @, o by 0, e by 3 etc.).

The score, which is also mentioned here, ranges from 0 to 4, i.e. from no security (0, red) to good security (4, green).
The ratio, which is also mentioned, is on a logarithmic scale. Each whole point yields a decryption time 10 times as long.
So a score of 2 takes 10x as long as a score of 1. And a score of 6 gives a 100.000x longer duration than a score of 1.

The advantage of this generator is that it chooses words that have no relation to you and therefore cannot be guessed by people who are trying to figure out your password, no matter how god they know you.

Do not use these randomly chosen words if they have a too low score!

With the button below you can have the passwords recalculated by the password generator.

This is the very long random password (length: 13)


This is the random password (length: 10)


This is the password with 2 words, with some letters replaced by tokens (length: 15)


This is the password with 1 word, with some letters replaced by tokens (length: 17).


This is the password with 2 words in it (length: 15)


This is the password with 1 word in it (length: 13)


This is the easiest password (length: 11)


This is the long pin code (length: 6)


This is the short pin code (length: 4)


This is the shortest pin code (length: 3)


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