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INNR Smart plug
/ Tips, Home automation tips

INNR – Smart Plug

For Home Automation we look again at the following product: The Smart Plug (SP 120). This time not from Philips / Signify, but from INNR. INNR is a Dutch company that also produces lighting on Zigbee, and just a bit cheaper than Philips. The INNR Smart Plug (SP 120) Why we treat the smart plug from INNR here is simple; the smart plug (SP 120) from INNR has been available for a long time, while the one from Philips is not available as long as there is and often ...
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Google Nest Mini
/ Tips, Home automation tips

Google Nest Mini

After I left a previous assignment because the assignment was finished there, I received a Google home mini as a farewell gift.
I already had some home automation devices (vacuum cleaner, tone thermostat etc), but with this I really started the home automation. The Google home mini has been replaced by the Google Litter mini. Has a new name, but looks almost the same.
Nevertheless, a number of improvements have been made that are worthwhile. This smart speaker has a built-in ...
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Hue Starterkit
/ Tips, Home automation tips

Philips Hue lamps (zigbee and bluetooth)

When I start with the tips on home automation, I start of course with the lights of Philips Hue. Or actually with the zigbee Philips lamps from Signify. Because nowadays the lamps division of Philips is completely independent and has the name Signify. Philips Hue offers a wide range of smart lamps, fixtures and accessories. Whether you are looking for something for your living room, kitchen, bathroom or garden, with Philips Hue you always have the perfect lighting. I had of course ...
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