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Microsoft Smartphone tips and tricks

These tips and tricks are still about the Microsoft smartphone on Windows 10 mobile, which is no longer supported.
As soon as a new Microsoft smartphone is taken into general use (whether on Android or on standard Windows 10), new tips and tricks will appear here as well.

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Microsoft Office 365

Software: Microsoft Office 365 (Windows, Android, Apple)

Software: Microsoft Office 365 The software Office 365 comes from Microsoft and has by default almost all popular office packages on board.
Who doesn't know Microsoft Word or Excel? Except for the PC and Mac, this software is now also available for Android (tablet and smartphones), iPhone, iPad and Windows mobile. This is all included in the Office 365 package.
This software for home use can be rented in a 1 user package, and also in a 5 user package ...
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Game: CanKnockdown 3 (Windows)

Game: CanKnockdown 3 (Windows)

CanKnockdown 3 is a fun game for the Windows Phone. It's an old fair game where you have to knock over cans with soft balls.
The basic game, which is free, has 60 levels where, via the in-app purchases, an additional 100 levels are available for only $1.99. The game levels (both free and purchased) offer an extensive set of difficulty levels. From the cans stacked on top of each other, stacked on shelves, with moving objects in front of them and so on. Each level gives you ...
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Onedrive Cloud

Software: Microsoft Onedrive cloud solution

OneDrive cloud OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage service. (Think Dropbox or Google Drive.) And over the years it has become really good. In fact, so good, that some of the Android manufacturers provide it as a standard alongside Google Office tools. And Onedrive is also easy to use. Log in with your Microsoft account and you can access all your files anytime, anywhere. A part you use often you can even access without the internet via your ...
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GSM network codes

GSM network codes

Phone settings.On your Smartphone or iPhone you will of course have all kinds of settings, also for the phone part. However, for setting up your GSM phone, your Google Android or Microsoft Windows Smartphone, your Apple iPhone or your tablet with SIM card, you can also use standard GSM codes.GSM network codes The following codes are the standard GSM codes. A number of options will be similar to the options found in the menu of most phones.
Of course it is! ...
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